Carbon Farming Innovation Network

GOAL: To drive carbon farming into mainstream agriculture as part of a global climate change solution.

  • Status: Active
  • Focus Areas: Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture
  • Start Date: Fall 2016
  • Contact: Mary Johnson,, 202-872-5338 


The Carbon Farming Innovation Network is a multi-stakeholder, cross-sector collaboration launched by the Center for Sustainability Solutions to help solve the global climate crisis.  Carbon farming can help sequester excess carbon and provide additional benefits from greater drought and flood resilience from healthier soil and protecting water quality by reducing chemical fertilizer & pesticide use and runoff.

The U.S. is a major contributor to agriculture-related GHG emissions, and therefore mainstream commodity crop & livestock production is our first area of focus in the Carbon Farming Innovation Network.  Leading commodity crop carbon farmers have shown that carbon farming at the commodity scale is possible and profitable.

Time is running out, so we must act quickly to avoid crossing a catastrophic climate tipping point.  Investing in climate restorative agriculture is far more beneficial, reliable, proven, and far less costly than other carbon sequestration schemes.  Of all the carbon sequestration options, not only is carbon farming the safest, but its ready to bring to a meaningful scale today.


This Innovation Network is in the initial Exploration/Research phase. Our goal is to convene the first meeting of key stakeholders in late Spring 2017. 

To launch the Carbon Farming Innovation Network, the Center team is currently interviewing stakeholders to better understand incentives and barriers to for implementing carbon farming at scale, to test and get buy-in on a draft target goal, and to identify the highest-leverage stakeholders to invite into the Network. We are reaching out to individuals and organizations with demonstrated track records of leadership in supporting and/or engaging in carbon farming.

Interested in learning more, participating in an interview to share your insights or potentially becoming a Network member? Please contact Mary Johnson at