A Program Built On Experience

For over 30 years, Green America has worked to educate and mobilize consumer demand for sustainability, provided green entrepreneurs – the innovators and job creators for a new economy – with the skills and resources to emerge and thrive, and engaged with major corporations to take significant steps on their paths to sustainability.

In collaboration with our many partners over the years, we have made important economic progress in the responsible investing, solar energy, and recycled paper sectors.  In the past 15 years we moved over $3 billion in funds to community financial institutions; helped put solar energy on track to produce 50% of U.S. energy supply by 2030; and helped 150 magazines move to recycled paper. 

Changing the Game

Although we have long used a collaborative approach to change initiatives in our work, the number of groups talking with us about using our approach to solve their complex sustainability issues has increased dramatically in the last several years. This growing interest led us, in August 2014, to create the Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions as one of Green America’s three strategic program areas. 

Building on our long-term record as a leader and facilitator of large-scale change in the sustainable economy, the Center allows us to bring all of our game-changing, collaborative approaches to complex systems change into one powerful program. We are now leveraging a range of opportunities to shift industries and sectors more quickly and at large scale toward social and environmental sustainability. 

Impacting the Industry

Today, the Center's Innovation Networks focus on clean energy, sustainable food, responsible finance and fair labor (click here to view our Networks). From a sustainability impact perspective, major shifts in these areas affect every sector of society and the economy, but we also consider proposals for work in other areas.