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Midwest Grains Initiative

GOAL: Get 5 million more acres of small grains grown in rotation in the Upper Midwest by 2021.

We are a group of farmers, small businesses, and consumer brands working together to get 5 million more acres of small grains grown in rotation in the Upper Midwest by 2021.

Small grains like barley, oats, wheat, and rye that were traditionally grown in the Upper Midwest are uniquely positioned to help consumer brands achieve the sustainability goals that consumers are demanding: reduction in GHGs, soil erosion, and pesticide use, and improved water quality, soil health, and ecosystem diversity. When added to a farmer's typical corn and soybean rotation, small grains not only reduce inputs like fertilizers and pesticides, but also improve overall farm profitability.

The millennial consumer, representing over $200 billion of spending power, is purchasing products made with responsibly sourced ingredients, and rewarding brands that share their values in environmental, social, and economic responsibility. 

Consumer brands that are tuned in to trends recognize the need to source high quality ingredients that reflect their customers' values: the health of regional watersheds and the oceans they impact, the long-term health and viability of soils, the reduction of greenhouse gases, and the health of rural communities.

Farmers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois are ready to make the change we all need. Now it's time for brands to show them they have partners in the marketplace. Join us on this journey to get small grains back into the rotation!