Qualitative Exposure Assessment

The Qualitative Exposure Assessment (QEA) helps facilities fill in information where workplace chemical exposure data isn’t available!  It enables a facility to determine whether there is potential risk of worker exposure to harmful chemicals during the manufacturing of electronics goods, identifying where corrective actions are necessary.

Simply put, the QEA entails the following: 

  • Simple and Low Cost: QEA consists of simple forms and detailed instructions for documenting chemical use, hazards control systems, and worker tasks. The QEA can be completed by EHS staff with limited industrial hygiene expertise.  

  • Reduce Risk: Identify Job Tasks with a high risk of chemical exposures that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

  • Improvement: Generates an Overall Risk Ranking that can be used to determine necessary controls, ways to improve performance, and reduce exposure risk.  

  • Documentation: Provides documentation and completion of a critical element in chemical management system to proactively identify risk and mitigation methods. 


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