About Our Organization

The Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions brings diverse stakeholders from the entire supply chain or system into each Innovation Network to solve the problems no one business, organization or individual can solve alone. 

For example, in agriculture supply chains, everyone from seed breeders and farmers to grain traders and transporters to food manufacturers, distributors and retailers to investors and policy makers to academic experts and NGO advocates to the people who eat the food.

We organize each Innovation Network around a powerful vision of what's possible. Rapidly mapping system dynamics. we develop, test and deploy pragmatic solutions to shift systems toward audacious sustainability goals.

Creating break-through shifts towards sustainability in supply chains and complex systems through collaborative innovation.

We identify and work with the collaborative leaders who have the greatest potential to lead systemic change.

About Our Mission

The Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions draws from a range of disciplines and methodologies; to include complexity theory, human-centered design, systems thinking, entrepreneurship and lean startup approaches, polarity thinking, key initiator networks (KINS) and advanced group facilitation methods to help the leaders in our Innovation Networks design sustainability breakthroughs.

The Center stands on the shoulders of all the work that has been done to improve sustainability in one business and one organization.  In order to bring solutions to society's most pressing problems to scale, now is the time for sustainability to become the fundamental design factor in supply chains, whole industries and complex systems. That is the vision, mission and joyful work of the Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions.