GOAL: Move towards zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in the electronics manufacturing process.

  • Status: Active
  • Focus Area: Fair Labor
  • Start Date: Summer 2015 - formal Network launch June 2016
  • Contact: Sarah O'Brien,, (802) 479-0317



The Clean Electronics Production Network (CEPN) is a multi-stakeholder Innovation Network, launched by the Center for Sustainability Solutions to address complex social and sustainability challenges in the electronics value chain. Currently, workers in electronics production facilities around the world are frequently exposed to highly toxic chemicals such as n-hexane, especially in emerging economies such as China, Mexico and Indonesia.  Network participants have collectively agreed upon a shared goal of moving towards zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in the electronics manufacturing process. CEPN serves as a platform for collaborative innovation where diverse stakeholders – including suppliers, brands, labor and environmental health advocates, researchers, production experts, and government officials –  work together on initiatives to further this shared goal.


The Clean Electronics Production Network was formally launched with a multi-stakeholder meeting held in Sunnyvale CA in June 2016. Participants explored the systems affecting worker exposure, and decided to launch four major Initiatives in support of the broader Network goal:

  • Worker Engagement & Empowerment
  • Tracking & Measuring Exposure
  • Safer Substitutions
  • Process Chemicals Reporting

These Initiative Groups are proceeding to prototype practical solutions in each area and constructing plans for pilot deployment thereafter.

The CEPN team continues to interview stakeholders to better understand incentives and barriers to reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in the electronics supply chain. We also continue to grow the network – reaching out to individuals and organizations with demonstrated track records of leadership supporting safe and sustainable workplaces across the electronics value chain.

Interested in learning more, participating in an interview to share your insights or potentially becoming a Network member? Please reach out to us at or