Green America is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) green economy organization founded in 1983 to advance marketplace solutions to society's most pressing social and environmental problems. 


We harness economic power – the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace – to create a more socially just and environmentally sustainable world. 


We work for a world where all people have enough, where all communities are healthy and safe, and where the abundance of the earth is preserved for all the generations to come. 

Green America’s Strategic Program Areas 

Center for Sustainability Solutions 

Audience: Major corporations, institutional investors, government organizations and NGOs  

Theory of Change: Engage directly with supply chain and large system stakeholders to collaborate on large system change and scale sustainability solutions

Green Business Network 

Audience: Small and medium businesses 

Theory of Change: Foster the growth of small green businesses – the green job creators and innovators who introduce new products and services for a sustainable economy.  

Consumer Education & Mobilization 

Audience: Consumers 

Theory of Change:  Leverage consumer demand as the primary “pressure point” for the shift to a green economy because economic change always starts with shifts in consumer demand.

Green America in Quick Facts and Numbers:

  • Established in 1983, to bring together economic players -- consumers, investors, and businesses to accelerate sustainability solutions

  • Directed over $100 million in purchases to locally-based socially and environmentally responsible businesses

  • Certified more than 8,000 businesses for their sustainability practices, and helped them expand their markets our Green Business Network

  • Engaged with over 120 companies to improve corporate responsibility (see examples below).

  • Built a Green Consumer Network of 250,000 individuals to take action for a green economy; reach more than 2.5 Million social media fans, friends, shares and followers

  • Put more than 1.5 million copies of our National Green Pages and 1 million copies of our Guides to Socially Responsible Investing and Community Investing in people's hands to provide information about green purchasing and investing opportunities

  • Hosted more than 1.5 million people at our Green Festivals, held in major cities across the US since 2002 to meet green businesses and learn about green living solutions

  • Channeled over $3.2 billion in investments to community development financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and community loan funds

  • Earned media exceeded 400 million impressions in 2014 alone

Results of Green America Corporate Sustainability Program (examples):

  • National Geographic, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and 150 other major magazines shifted to recycled paper, reducing deforestation

  • Amazon hired sustainability director and made initial commitments on renewables for server farms

  • Apple removed benzene and n-hexane from final assembly suppliers, reducing toxic chemical exposure to 500,000 workers annually

  • Regions, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, and US Bank stopped selling predatory payday loans.

  • Hershey’s, Bon Appétit, and Green & Black’s committed to removing forced child labor in their cocoa supply chains

  • General Mills, Campbell’s, Abbott Laboratories, Chobani, and Unilever committed to increase organic and non-GMO products