Green America has a long history of bringing together diverse stakeholders to leverage their unique strengths in building a more socially just and environmentally sustainable economy. We understand, from experience, that different participants bring different values, motivations and imperatives to this work.  

We value those differences because they help create solutions that will work in the real world.  Our unique talent is building trust and agreement across these differences so everyone can move forward together and make significant change possible.  To play that critical role requires that we keep our promises to all our stakeholders.

Our Promise to Companies

When you participate in our innovation network process, you will receive far more value than you put in and you’ll make far more progress on your strategic challenge than you can make on your own. You will find a high-trust space with other stakeholders who are interested in making real progress, not just talking or playing politics.  Our many corporate participants can attest to this and, if you’d like, we can connect you with current participants to hear from them directly.

Our Promise to NGOs

When you participate in our innovation network process, you don’t need to compromise your voice or values.  If companies aren’t keeping their commitments, you should call them on it.  Fortunately, our experience is that the individuals and organizations we’ve selected to participate in our networks have demonstrated a powerful commitment to meaningful, systemic change on the issues we care about. We are capable of working through emerging concerns in a high-trust context of the network.  

Our Promise to Funders

When you fund Networks of the Center (or the Center itself) we promise to apply every penny of your contribution toward the highest impact possible. We promise not to spend your dollars on exorbitant facilities, events or salaries, though we do attract top talent due to the high-impact nature of our work.  While change in complex, dynamic systems is often hard to measure, we will provide detailed analyses and reports on the progress of our networks, and show our progress on specific metrics wherever possible.